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Nickel’s main value is its ability to form alloys, or combinations of metal, such as stainless steel. Recently, another alloy proved stronger in Southwest Oregon. Over 170 businesses (from breweries to guide services), 47 conservation and outdoor recreation groups (from Friends of the Kalmiopsis to the Native Fish Society), 19

“Rivers are the lifeline of the planet,” declares Tim Palmer while surrounded by pristine blue rushing water in a short film made by Freshwaters Illustrated. I last heard Tim Palmer speak about rivers at a Rogue Riverkeeper event in Ashland a couple of years ago. His obvious passion for the

Breathtaking views of nature, relaxing music and excellent cinematography—now, that’s when film becomes art. Former Oregon State Senator Jason A. Atkinson and documentary filmmaker J. Martin teamed up to create a film that doesn’t just take the viewer down the Klamath River; you are immersed in its life. So much

“Scuba is an exciting extreme sport where your life depends on your skills and ability to take care of your equipment,” says Kathy Zuk owner of Rogue Scuba. That might be some peoples worst nightmare, but the underwater beauty of Southern Oregon is a pretty solid trade-off, making scuba a

How will the LNG affect water-based tourism in Southern Oregon? According to the American Sportsfishing Association, Oregon ranks seventh for non-resident fishing destinations for visiting anglers. That’s hundreds of thousands of visitors spending tens of millions and generating somewhere between 8,000-15,000 jobs. But for nearly a decade, Oregon has found itself