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With theater season starting back up, the Rogue Valley will once again become a major destination for locals and visitors alike to spend a night out on the town and catch some world-class plays and performances. But what night out to the theater is really complete without a nice meal at

Now that New Year resolutions have ebbed away, and those pledges to eat only a single leaf of lettuce each day and nary a drop of alcohol have receded, it is time to once again jump in, face first, to the abundance of restaurants in southern Oregon. This is not

The difference between a supper club and a steakhouse may seem like semantics; after all, most supper clubs serve a choice of juicy steaks and most steakhouse have the egalitarian elegance of a supper club. But there is an important difference. Supper clubs are a distinctly American invention that boomed

Over the past two year helping launch The Messenger, I have traveled to most nooks and corners of the Rogue Valley. Often, after lugging stacks of newspapers, I’d take a break; a quick pull-over next to Applegate River, a detour through Lithia Park, a short bike through Bear Creek Greenway—and sometimes

Re: Local Little League Still Striving for Gender Equity Equality is not an issue with boys and girls youth baseball/softball programs. It’s the lack of population and the interest in our local baseball/softball programs. More boys play baseball than girls. The girls Little League Softball program does have a season