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Success! The Messenger’s inaugural Giving Tuesday event was a big success. No, we’re not completely surprised. Charity is up. In Josephine County, it has increased nearly 100 percent in the past two years, and an impressive 39 perecent in Jackson County. We are hoping to pushing those trends even more.

Rogue Valley Messenger: It seems as if CTP is governed by a group. Is there a process for making group decisions? What challenges to having a group make decisions are there? What advantages?  Susan Aversa-Orrego: CTP is structured so that the artistic board works together to make season plans and

Stu O’Neill is the Executive Director for Rogue Farm Corps, an organization that trains a next generation of farms. Rogue Valley Messenger: You grew up near DC. What interaction did you have with farms? Stu O’Neill: Growing up near the city, I was about as removed from farming as one