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State Rep. Val Hoyle, (D-Eugene) is one of three candidates in the Democrat’s primary for Oregon’s Secretary of State. It has been a tight race, but last week, she reported a major cash contribution which may give her the bump in advertising and staff that she needs: Former New York

Two Thousand Signatures Down, Only 120,000 Left to Go On July 17, the campaign to raise Oregon’s minimum wage to $15 an hour delivered 2,000 signatures to Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins. That’s enough to get the proposal a title and move the campaign one step closer to being on

  As an early holiday gift to late-night comedians, Donald Trump just launched his “I’m totally serious you guys,” campaign for president. Before he spoke a single word of his announcement speech, he had already stepped in it, because the song he chose to enter to was Neil Young’s “Rocking