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The name of the study is foreboding: “Sentenced to Debt: The Hidden Costs of Unaffordable Education.” But, released earlier this month, the report perhaps doesn’t bang the alarm bells loudly enough. Compiled by Oregon Action and Alliance for a Just Society of Southern Oregon and Rogue Community College, the report

With traditional curriculum failing some students, a new wilderness program grows in the woods Lorenzo Mussell did not have an orthodox childhood. He grew up in Kenya. He talks about walking around barefoot, squatting around an open fire, eating food with his hands, and making toys out of bits and

Entering his second year, Superintendent Brian Shumate counts his victories and stares down challenges   In early February 2014, teachers from the Medford School District went on strike. For months prior, teachers had expressed concerns about middling salaries and what they complained were poor working conditions. In a press statement

By former Messenger intern and current SOU “senior” Eli Stillman Looking to get more from this whole “college experience” everyone keeps talking about? Well, fortunately, I’ve discovered that this town is pretty student-friendly, and there are some great ways to do more than just survive. No need to be an

Working with parents to help them instill in their children healthy meal habits can be challenging. This is a big issue during “Back to School” month, as school programs often offer micro-waved, highly processed, nutrient poor, previously frozen lunches to kids. It is not hard to imagine the impact that

With school returning, it is often a time for renewed school pride. But over the past 18 months, a story has been unfolding at the University of Oregon that casts a dark shadow over the state’s largest school—and, more directly, questions the importance placed on sports that has overwhelmed decency and morality. A year and half ago, a female student