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We’re going LIVE! Join us at our live and outdoor festival from June 24 to June 28 in Ashland and Medford. Screenings will be held at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum, where viewers will watch films projected on a large outdoor screen in the field facing the building. At Walkabout Brewing Company

20th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival Live and Outdoor Event: June 24-28, 2021 in Ashland and Medford   Information: The 20th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival is a live and outdoor event that will present approximately 100 new independent features and short films, with its traditional emphases on the

Ashland Independent Film Festival Announces its 20th Anniversary with a hybrid “Double Feature” Festival and amazing member benefits Ashland, Oregon – The Ashland Independent Film Festival is excited to announce this year’s Festival, promising to be bigger, better, and bolder than ever.  The celebration kicks off with a hybrid “Double

  Rogue Valley Messenger: The festival will be hosted online this year. It is a fascinating change: AIFF will be available on Can you give some insights into this business? Both the idea of online film festivals:  Is this a new, emerging industry?  And what is it about that attracted AIFF to

The 1996 Telecommunication Act may sound like a somewhat dated and bureaucratic piece of legislation; but, it is really more like a seed planted two decades ago that has grown deep and gnarled roots into American culture. Consider, at the time, the 10,000 or so radio stations in America were

Richard Herskowitz is at the helm of the Ashland Independent Film Festival. In his second year as the Artistic Director, he also is serving as the Interim Director. The Messenger caught up with Herskowitz to talk about, well, movies. Rogue Valley Messenger: When did you first recognize that film was something

As patrons of a busy diner converse about a recent downtown robbery, a man takes a seat at one of the empty booths. A waitress comes to take his order, finding herself intrigued by the stranger, even enamored. When she later finds the bag of stolen money in the trunk

Steven Remington is glad to be back home. An Oregonian at heart, he has gained experience guiding various non-profits throughout the Northwest and beyond, including his most recent Executive Director position at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Idaho, and is excited to be back “home” and to take the

By Reynard Seifert There were a lot of great films at this year’s Ashland Independent Film Festival. One of them is In Pursuit of Silence — a spirited call to arms for deep listening, bringing to light interesting research on the mental and physical health effects of noise, musing on the

Like a (benevolent) tornado passing through town, the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF) has come and gone. But a film enthusiast’s work is never done. For this issue’s Public Profile, we sat down with AIFF Executive Director Cathy Dombi to talk about the inner workings of the festival and its