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Synthetic Euphoria: Beca Joins the Best Coast and Brings Electro-pop

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becaLike all computers, synthesizers once cost untold dollars and filled entire rooms. But as technology, has evolved musicians have followed suit. Newfound availability, and more modest price points, have given rise to an entirely new species of musical act: the electro-auteur. One such visionary, Beca, will be stopping by the Haul in Grants Pass Fri., July 15, to gracefully pull audience members from the primordial ooze of Banjoland and safely drop them into a glimmering synth-saturated dreamscape.

The Juilliard graduate and New York defector is touring the west coast in support of her debut full-length album Ecliptic. Bringing the album to a live setting is a true test of Beca’s technical prowess. The current incarnation of her live act consists of a multitasking one woman show (sometimes accompanied by dancers).  

“It’s taken a lot of practice and experimenting with different combinations,” says Beca. “I really

Though Beca majored in classical composition her latest musical endeavors have been more organic in nature.  

“I don’t really think too much about my training when I am writing,” says Beca. “I’m much more of an intuitive writer, but I know it’s all in my head somewhere. I think just having the tools and the ability for when I’m stuck compositionally, or having trouble finding a chord or the next phrase I know I can draw from my music theory and ear training.”

This intuition has yielded brilliant results. Beca’s hypnotically vaporous vocals are accompanied perfectly by moist bass-lines and analog synth tones that would surely have ‘80s horror director John Carpenter golf clapping in approval. These aforementioned vocals serve to deliver Beca’s positive personal outlook.

“I think a lot of my themes become fighting your fear and overcoming challenges, difficulty and finding a gift in hard times,” says Beca. “Everything is an experience and I need to learn from it, see what I can do with that gift, or that blessing and carry it to the next part of my life and use to impact the people around me in a beautiful way.”

Beca says much of that outlook is inspired by the warmth she has been greeted with upon entering the LA music scene.

“There is a really beautiful music community and art community,” she says. “Just July 4th, the other night, I found myself standing on a hilltop looking out at a panoramic view of fireworks going off over the city with all these powerhouse female singer-songwriters hanging out and bonding and having a picnic. That’s just a snapshot that makes me say, I can’t believe this is my life.”



9 pm Fri., July 15

The Haul, 121 SW H St., Grants Pass


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