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Super Fast and Super Good: Mod Pizza at Northgate Marketplace

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“Chloe” and “Mad Dog” in all their pizza glory. Credit: Jordan Martinez

A pizza chain claiming to be “super fast” also hopefully claims to be super good. At Mod Pizza, those expectations were met when my fiancee and I dined there on a warm summer’s evening.

Mod Pizza opened at Northgate Marketplace in Medford Feb. 2, giving away a free pizza or salad to the first 52 customers. The chain’s first restaurant opened in 2008 in Seattle, and since then has spread its Pacific Northwest funky attitude throughout the United States, and even abroad to the UK—and, now, finally to southern Oregon.

They specialize in pizza and salads, with a seemingly unlimited number of toppings and combinations. I decided on the “Chloe,” which has a white sauce base and is topped with roasted red peppers, onions, grilled chicken, and mozzarella. White sauce is usually not my first choice, but it actually worked well with the multiple toppings. The parmesan and Alfredo flavors complimented the roasted red peppers and grilled chicken. The dough is thin yet soft, with a crunchy outer layer, with the crust the perfect size for dipping in ranch or perhaps even more white sauce.

My fiancé ordered the “Mad Dog.” With a red sauce base, it’s covered in pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, and mozzarella. He added spicy sausage, making the meaty pizza meatier, but it actually provided a perfect spiciness. Sausage and red sauce were made for each other, and the red sauce on this pizza was mildly sweet, working perfectly with the salty meats. If I had to choose between the two pizzas, I’d choose this one.

The restaurant was busy, however there was plenty of seating for everyone. It seems customers’ preferred way to enjoy the food is taking it to go. Set up like Chipotle or Subway, the line went by quickly and baking the pizzas took maybe a little more than five minutes. Next time I go back I would try a veggie pizza or a salad, of which there are several options. From the “Pizza Salad” to the “Tristan” to building your own vegetarian pie, Mod Pizza’s ingredients are fresh and all seem to work well together. Another tempting option might be the “Calexico,” which is a red sauce base pizza with hot buffalo sauce, chicken, gorgonzola, jalapeños, and mozzarella.

You also have the option to create your own salad, or order their caesar salad, deluxe salad, or simple salad with minimal ingredients. Drink options range from classic fountain drinks, hand spun milkshakes like the Lemon Drop, local wines and beers, and house made iced teas. Pizza sizes start at a mini six inch pizza, go to the most commonly ordered Mod 11 inch pizza, and end at the mega double pizza with two 11 inch crusts. For dessert, they have cinnamon sticks, which is their crust dipped into a strawberry, chocolate, or cinnamon glaze.

Overall, the service was fast, friendly, and the food was more than worth the moderate wait in line. As might be suspected at all their other locations nationwide, Mod Pizza will have countless repeat customers coming back for more.


Mod Pizza

171 Rossanley Dr., Suite 101, Medford


10:30 am – 10 pm, Sunday – Thursday

10:30 am – 11 pm, Friday – Saturday

Pizza prices vary between $4.47 to 10.47


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