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Super Continental Breakout: Jason McCue Arrives in Ashland

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Jason McCue. Photo Credit: Brady Harvey

How does a 22-year old who records his first album (Pangaea) in his basement and bedroom singing and playing acoustic guitar make it to the big time? Ask Jason McCue. He may not be at the “big time” yet, but he is on his way. This young man’s lyrics are intense beyond his years and heavy, like a surprise body slam that hurts but simultaneously knocks some sense into the receiver.

In March of 2017, he entered “Museum of Popular Culture’s Sound Off” on a whim after seeing a friend perform at this “Battle of the Bands” type Pacific Northwest competition the year before. And he won. This 21 and under event brought a flurry of gigs, nods, and handshakes in the musical world. Now, he is nervous and giddy about his first tour ever; which says a lot for a young man who studied mass extinctions and the environment during college.

When asked what he expects for this two-week adventure, McCue said, “Once I start the engine of my Toyota Corolla and get on the road, I will know.” He is hoping for “a bunch of weird experiences,” and he wants potential audience members to expect: “More than an average guy strumming some chords and singing a bunch of love songs.”

He just graduated from Seattle University in 2018, but his mature perspective on songwriting seems already established. “I like to tell stories and it’s all about consistency through a project like letting an idea be milked until its completion.” McCue wants to share and create stories, so he might be like Tom Waits someday or his absolute favorite influential band, The Beatles.

McCue picked up a guitar in middle school, but it was not until “someone needed to sing” in his newly-formed band that he got vocal. He did not think his voice was a match for screaming lyrics, so he gravitated toward folk music where he believes his voice is better suited. Though if one listens to his Relativity video on YouTube it appears he has quite the singing range. Watching him, there appears to be no question that he is intensely passionate about what he is doing musically.

Besides surviving the trials and tribulations of being on the road in one’s first car, staying at less than five-star hotels, and meeting real human beings, he hopes the future will bring excitement. “I’m dying to have music take me to another continent—to see another part of the world through what I love”, he says.

For the first time ever, McCue will perform at Ashland’s Oberon’s Tavern on September 2 at 9:30 pm. “I really want to be in small listening rooms where it is less possible to be drowned out by other sounds.” For those who have not visited Oberon’s, they claim to be the “Ashland’s most Ashlandiest spot.”


Jason McCue

9:30 pm, Sunday, September 2

Oberon’s Tavern, 45 North Main Street, Ashland




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