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Stained Art: Jannie Ledard’s Stained Glass Art

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When asked to think about stained glass, you might envision the large windows of a church or cathedral. Maybe you’re reminded of a small stained glass window at an old friend or grandparent’s house.

Since retiring from teaching, Jannie Ledard has been focusing her artistic energy and talent on stained glass art. Piecing together deep blues, reds, and greens, sometimes spiraling around a natural stone, she’s created mandalas that ignite when the sun hits them. Mandalas are circular designs usually abstract and are either intricate or simple in design.

Her art has been shown in Art Presence in Jacksonville, the Rock Museum in Central Point, and the Art Center in Ashland. Her art is currently being shown at her old stomping grounds in the ACCI gallery in Berkley, California, and she’s also been featured in the book Creative Glass.

“When I retired from teaching in Berkeley, I discovered the art of glass through various workshops in Ventura and Santa Barbara where I was living at that time,” she says. “It was a ‘coup de foudre.’ Love at first sight. The fascinating element of light in the art of stained glass was a revelation and at the same time, a complement to the art of energy healing that I discovered during those years.”

Ledard was born and raised in Rouen, France. “Having been raised [there] and Normandie where churches and cathedrals exhibit such treasures in the art of stained glass, I think that those places where I lived were the cradle for a late blooming creative adventure.” Since moving to Jacksonville in 2001, she soon settled in Talent, where she’s been perfecting her mandalas ever since.

“I started to be interested in creating windows from nature (water world, birds, flowers). Now I evolve towards a more abstract style, playing with Brazilian agates, which I find an amazing combination with the element of stained glass. My ‘mandalas’ that you can see some of them on my website have attracted a lot of buyers. I am now more inclined to bring a serene, joyful, spiritual accent in my new creations.”

While her designs are both intricate and straightforward, as soon as sunlight burns through them the pieces are in their full brilliance. To contact Ledard to discuss and/or purchase her art, visit jannieledardglassart.com.


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