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Staff Resolutions 2016

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Josh Gross, Editor

My favorite snack is string cheese. But like so many snacks, it’s not eaten in the kitchen. And when recently deep-cleaning my apartment I realized just how many string cheese wrappers I had hidden rather than throwing away. And it was pretty gross. So I’m resolving not to do that anymore.

In addition to journalism, I write stage plays. Because of its nearly boundlessly cartoonish comedic potential, I have written a lot of scripts that call for cages to fall from the ceiling to trap the main character and force them into the villain’s evil plot. After a series of, let’s say, “complicated” rehearsals on my most recent production, I’m resolving not to do that anymore.

I’ve lived in Southern Oregon most of my life. And while I get out and about more than most, there are still places I’ve never been. And this year, I’m going to be sure to go more places solely because I haven’t been there, especially in the outdoors. Unless there are angry bears there. Then I’m fine right where I am.


Sara Jane Wiltermood, Associate Editor

Be early – to work, to events … and on Messenger deadlines

Tackle two new writing projects: Codenames “Gaddy-Lid” and “Four Favorite”

My knees say, “Swim more; running is for young’uns!”

Delete things I don’t need . . .


Katie Ball, Production Manager

I would write just “Eat better”, “be more organized”… but I also have some more involved ideas:

I resolve to figure out why, at the end of the day I feel like I’ve done 10 million things, but still haven’t accomplished the things on my to-do list. Really, I know I do a lot. But I am still treading water daily. Is it because I give myself too much to do? Is it because I don’t move quickly enough? Or, is it because I have a 2 year old and he kind of undoes 75 percent of what I do during the day? This is the mystery I will solve in 2016.

I resolve to eat better and exercise more (I know, trite, but necessary). Here’s the thing… I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it doesn’t feel good. I do not take medications for this. I have in the past. I refuse to now. I believe you can cure, or at least largely reduce the effects of this disease through diet and exercise. Going back to my first resolution though, this takes time (shopping for and preparing really good food and figuring out the right time to work out…). Time that I will find in 2016.

I resolve to “be here now.” I’ve been working on this for years. I am really good at it when I’m on vacation. But then, I get home. I re-enter the “rat race” of life and time just flies by. More often, I want to live in the moments of my life, enjoy them and soak them up rather than thinking about what I have to do next and missing those moments. 


Phil Busse, Publisher

Wear clean underwear, every day!


Jordy Lindsey, Calendar Editor

May the music be loud, my pillow soft

May gifts return tenfold, and the calendar be eventful


And, a proposed resolution from a reader for our elected officials

Our federal Congress is controlled by individuals who care for short-term profit but apparently not for future generations. The clearest evidence of this is their denying the science of global warming and their efforts to block any action taken by the Administration that could help reduce U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases.

Faced with such a barrier to action at the federal level, it has become clear that Americans individually and regionally must take action. Several states across the country have already enacted comprehensive greenhouse gas cap and trade legislation. In all cases this has resulted in reduced emissions and continued economic growth. In fact, economic growth has outpaced that of surrounding states lacking the cap and trade legislation.

Oregon can join these states in leading the nation towards an effective response to global warming. The Oregon Healthy Climate Bill, to be introduced in 2016, will cap our greenhouse gas emissions, assist economically disadvantaged communities, and help a healthy and sustainable economy progress towards the next century.

Oregon became a national leader in 2007 by adopting goals for greenhouse gas emissions -but established no mechanism for achieving these goals. The Healthy Climate Bill provides the mechanism. Let’s support this effort.

– Kathy Conway


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