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Snap! Crackle! Horse! Interview with Life, Adjusted Director, Sean Marc Nipper

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lifeadjusted1Produced by Jay Komarek, Life, Adjusted explores Jay’s work as a chiropractor who adjusts any and all animals, and believes that all creatures can benefit from his mystical ability to clear the nervous system and stimulate cellular healing, as do many other people in the film. But Jay specializes in horses, and the arc of this documentary follows him through the treatment of a severely traumatized horse named Dizzy. Full of gorgeous vistas and animal drama, this well-edited film is screening at the Varsity Theatre on May 12 at 6:30 pm. I talked with the film’s director, Sean Marc Nipper, whose production company, Reel House Films, is based in Ashland.


Rogue Valley Messenger: At the end of the film, Jay addresses much of the public’s skepticism towards chiropractic, saying, “You’ve been told some story about what this is that’s not even close to the truth.” What would you say to people who might not think they are interested in seeing a film about chiropractic practiced on horses?

Sean Marc Nipper: That’s a great question. When we started on the journey to tell people about chiropractic, we decided to use the perspective of animals, as they are incapable of lying. If we were to show the transformation in humans, I don’t think it would have quite the impact as allowing the magic to unfold on screen as it does for Dizzy. We all experience stress and we are all locked in varying degrees of fight or flight just as Dizzy is. When you can get your nervous system cleared out, your body has the capacity to heal itself on the cellular level enabling us, as humans to be the best we can be.

RVM: Were you already a fan of Jay’s work prior to filming, or did you become convinced in the process?

SMN: I really didn’t know that much about Jay other than what my fiancé, Dr. Kacie Flegal, told me. Kacie is also featured in the movie, and Jay has been a longtime mentor to her since she attended chiropractic college. One weekend almost 5 years ago, Jay held a seminar for students from Life Chiropractic College West at Kacie’s office, and she mentioned that I should come get adjusted by one of the professions true masters. So I did, and wow! That is when I realized the power of chiropractic.

RVM: You filmed on some beautiful ranches. Where are some of the locations you filmed in Southern Oregon?

SMN: For the filming in Oregon, we were at Farwood Horse Park, owned by Penny Barrares, who also owns the non-profit Prasad Foundation. Penny’s place is in White City, and is a gorgeous animal and horse rescue property. She has saved and rehabilitated many horses over the course of about 35 years. Penny also rescues horses and other animals from situations where there has been domestic disputes, and this is where the story of Dizzy the horse comes in.

RVM: Where else are you taking the film? What do you see for its future?

SMN: I am so excited, as the film has already been accepted into its first festival. We submitted to the Equus Film Festival in New York, and were immediately selected to be included in the festival in November. We will be submitting it to many other festivals around the globe.

RVM: What was your experience like at the San Francisco Academy of Art? What brought you back to the Rogue Valley?

SMN: I grew up in Ashland, and after 27 years I desired a change. I learned some really important skills as far as storytelling while attending Academy of Art. Kacie and I started a family, and upon visiting Ashland over a thanksgiving holiday, I was drawn back to this beautiful valley. I saw it through a different lens you might say.

RVM: This is your first documentary. Are you hooked?

SMN: Indeed I am. I love the opportunity to tell a story and help folks experience something which they may not know about. I look forward to many upcoming projects.


Life, Adjusted

Special Screening and Q&A with Filmmaker

6:30 pm, Thursday, May 12

Varsity Theatre, 166 E. Main Street, Ashland


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  1. May 12, 2016 at 1:44 pm — Reply

    Wonderful interview. I’m a huge fan of both Seam Marc Knipper and his work!

    He’s a amazing and creative man.

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