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Six Courses, Six Wines, Five Dances: Dancin takes Winemaker’s Dinner to New Frontier

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A wine dinner at Dancin in Medford will feature six courses, six wines and five short dances performed by a ballerina. Courtesy of Dancin Vineyards

Picture this, you’re sitting on a terrace overlooking vineyards eating Dunbar Farms field greens. As you finish your last bite, a server arrives to take your plate away and pour you a glass of 2015 Septette Pinot Noir. While you wait for your next course, braised duck leg, a ballerina begins a graceful vignette.

Quick: which Southern Oregon winery would this be the most fitting place to experience this?

If you guessed Dancin Vineyards, we’re with you—dance is in the name, after all! On June 4 and 5, Dancin will get literal with its name and offer a dinner featuring six courses of food paired with six of its wines and five vignettes performed by a local ballerina.

Owner Dan Marca says he’s looking forward to the evening. He hopes that it will be something truly unique and engaging to the senses. Marca owns the winery with his wife, Cindy, it’s where the name for Dancin came from (Dan + Cin = dancin). While the name for the business came from their own names, the Marcas have long incorporated dance into their business. Pick up a bottle of 2015 pinot noir and on the label you’ll see a ballerina on pointe with one leg raised behind her and arms raised above her head reaching backwards towards her foot. In true ballerina fashion the young woman has shaped her body into that of a wine glass yet somehow she looks at ease as if it were as easy and comfortable as popping some chips in your mouth while sitting on the couch. This ballerina, the one who stands tiptoe to make a wine glass with her body, will be the one performing between courses at the wine dinner. The short dances will span one to two minutes per piece.

The food will be prepared by Dancin’s chef, Tim Keller, and his staff and will feature food from local sources including Salant Family Ranch, ByGeorge Farm, Noble Coffee Roasting and Easy Valley Farm. Dinner will include an appetizer course, a cheese course, a salad course, a duck course, a beef course and dessert. While we can’t share the whole menu with you (see last line of this article) we can give you a taste: the cheese course includes brie wrapped in a pastry with quince paste and fennel.

Each dish will be paired with a wine. Marca says four out of the six wines that will be poured are pre-release wines that will not be available on the market until a month or two after the dinner. Wine club members will be able to purchase bottles of these pre-release wines to take home at the end of the dinner.

As of press time, the final menu was not available in its entirety to the public. Those with questions about the menu or who would like to make a reservation can contact Dancin at (541) 245-1133.


Dancin Vineyards Winemaker’s Dinner

6:30 pm, June 4 and 5

Dancin Vineyards, 4477 S Stage Rd, Medford

$95, reservations required


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