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Sinister Art: “Gallerie Carnevale” at Art Presence Art Center

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sinisterart1Artwork revolving around a Halloween theme can be construed as haunting and terrifying, but also beautiful. From sculptures of old clown dolls to glass-painted pictures utilizing bright oranges, purples, and shades of grey, Halloween-themed art can be regarded just as pleasing to the eye as other, more traditional forms of art like landscape paintings.

For the month of October, the Art Presence Art Center in Jacksonville will be showing the titled exhibit “Gallerie Carnevale.” Watercolor, oil, acrylic paintings, glass art, and collages will be present by a number of artists around the Rogue Valley, with 3D works being the most popular medium.

“The sculpture is so interesting what people’s imaginations come up with,” Coordinator of Art Presence Art Center Anne Brooke. “Two artists that I know of used found objects and molded them.”

Among those two artists is “The Travel Wagon” by Leona Sewitsky. Using doll-like objects, small trucks, and other items, she created a scene reminiscent of Tim Burton’s classic style best seen in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This exhibit is the art gallery’s only “open call” exhibit, where artists who aren’t members of the gallery also submitted their work.

“Our October challenge is a call to artists,” says member and organizer of the event Anne Brook. “Which means we put up a call like in March, with the theme in mind, and invite artists from all over the valley.”

The gallery doesn’t feature any one artist during the event and has 27 artists participating in the challenge, inviting also the public to appreciate, and maybe even be unsettled by, the different varieties of art with a carnival theme.

A brilliant element in the carnival style is the use of colors. Brooke’s “The Clown and the Jester” reflects this beautifully, with a clown and jester dressed in a green and orange hat, a large ruff collar, and in classic clown makeup. A wonderful example of a limited color wheel is “Dream” by Nancy Bardos. She uses white, shades of brown, and black to paint a man seemingly dreaming of his next performance in the ring.

After its opening on Sept. 30, filled with popcorn, a balloon maker, and other carnival activities, “Gallerie Carnevale” will show through Oct. 31. Guests will be amazed by the eerily dark work, and perhaps even a little unnerved.


“Gallerie Carnevale” at Art Presence Art Center

11 am – 5 pm, Fri. – Sun.

Through October 31

Art Presence Art Center, 206 N. Fifth St., Jacksonville


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