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ScienceWorks Offers the Chance Be the “Best” in the World at World Records Weekend

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With humankind’s unfaltering penchant for being the very mostest most that can possibly be mosted, it only makes sense that we’ve created multiple organizations for keeping track of the world’s “best-ofs”––from the herculean, to the ridiculous to the patently disgusting. Those who aspire to such mosty greatness will have an opportunity to join the ranks of the world’s esteemed bee-beard-wearing champions at ScienceWorks’ World Records Weekend on August 8 and 9.

02.16.CULTURE.WorldRecordsWeekendThe weekend-long event will be smorgasbord of #winning, as visitors attempt to break records like Most Spoons Balanced on Your Face, Most People Playing Patty-Cake on One Foot and Largest Thumb Wrestling Circle.

“One of the things we try to do at ScienceWorks is to help empower visitors to feel confident and awesome, and to gain skills, so world records seemed like a good way to do that,” says Dana Schloss, the ScienceWorks Program Coordinator orchestrating the event. “What makes you feel more confident than being the world’s best at something, even if it’s something really silly?”

Though Guinness is the big name in record tracking, most of the records being attempted at the event will be registered through RecordSetter, an organization whose philosophy on the legitimacy of the records they track is far looser than the wet blankets over at Guinness, who only track certain predetermined records.

“There is a record on [Record Setter] for listing the most TV shows in one minute where one word of the title of the TV show is replaced with the word ‘horse,’” says Schloss. “Or there’s most rabbits snuggled with in a hammock at one time.”

The all-ages event will not only welcome visitors to help break and set new records picked out by the ScienceWorks crew, it will also offer assistance to patrons with their own record setting aspirations.

“That’s actually the thing I’m most excited about on world records day is what visitors are going to come up with,” says Schloss. “Maybe they’re really good at jump roping, or maybe they know a lot of digits of pi or something like that.”

The pièce de résistance for the weekend will be an ambitious attempt to set the record for the longest long distance chain reaction. This collaboration with museums across the US and Canada will incorporate segments of Rube Goldberg devices at each museum, connected through various means of electronic communications, like cell phones, printers and fax machines.

“We actually did a small long distance chain reaction in February with the Tech Museum in San Jose,” says Schloss. “We built half of a Rube Goldberg device in Ashland and they built half of it in San Jose and it sent signals back and forth. I was talking to some other science center friends about that and they said, ‘Oh, we should attempt a real world record of that.’”

According to Schloss, the chain will start in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at the Museum of Life and Science, then hit St. Paul, Calgary in Alberta, Canada, San Jose and San Francisco before heading the ScienceWorks for the grand finale––a spectacle the museum’s staff is keeping under wraps until the big moment.

If all goes according to plan, World Record Weekend patrons will be there to witness some history in the making. Better start honing your cup stacking game.

World Records Weekend
ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum, 1500 E Main St., Ashland
10am-6pm, Sat. & Sun., Aug 8 & 9
$10 adults 12+, $8 children & seniors



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