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Rules You Must Follow Regularly For a Healthy Skin

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A good skin care regimen, sun protection and daily cleansing is all you need to maintain a healthy skin. However, the internet is awash with sources that leave you more confused than informed in this context. While some people will stick to a fad diet, others will drink 8 glasses of water daily to keep their skin supple and glowing. To maintain healthy skin, there are proven skin care procedures you can follow. Other rules are diet based.

Healthy and clean dieting

Keeping a clean and nutritious diet is good for the body and the skin too. You need to revolve your daily rations around an assortment of healthy veggies and whole foods. Indeed, over 70 percent of what we eat is channelled towards nourishing the body’s largest organ. As such, it’s good to invest in fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene. The leafy greens, carrots and spinach help in the production of collagen. This, in the long run, keeps the wrinkles and sagging lines away.

Treat your skin gently

Whoever said daily skin cleansing is good probably erred. You need to go slow on your skin. Don’t use hot water for bathing, since it strips some useful oils off your skin. You should limit your bath time and stick to warm water. Additionally, avoid those chemical based soaps and go for mild cleansers with organic/natural extracts. Be careful with shaving. Always use shaving oils and go along the grains of your hair-not against. See  Oster classic 76 review.

  1. After bathing, pat your skin dry. Don’t rub off the water harshly. Patting yourself dry leaves moisture on the surface.
  2. Moisturize if you have an ever-dry skin, get a moisturizer that matches your skin and one that contains SPF.

Avoid salty foods and alcoholic drinks

People love to indulge and it’s difficult to keep off some foods and drinks. Indeed, these foods take a toll on your skin’s glow in the short and long term. It’s advisable to cut off these skin health-diminishing foodstuffs. Salt for instance can trigger a breakout while alcohol will dull your skin significantly. The toxins from alcohol will make your skin look dull.


Dehydrated skin is vulnerable even under mild weather conditions. Hydrated skin on the other hand is resilient and elastic. By taking the right amount of water daily, the chances of wrinkles forming decreases. The proverbial 8 glasses of water will suffice. Remember, you should avoid gluten packed, processed and other sugar infested snacks. They are the reason why your acne and skin irritation never goes away.

Self-Care is vital

It’s true that the body and the mind are connected. If you’re overly stressed, using the best skin care products is all in vain. You need to approach the skin care regiment holistically. Avoid the stressors and get enough sleep. If you stick to a perfect work and sleep balance, it’s easy to maintain healthy skin. Other routines you can indulge in for healthy skin include acupuncture and cardio exercises.

Stick to proven products

The skin care and cosmetics market is flooding with revolutionary products that promise magic. Avoid binning regimen products that have stood the test of time for some. Even if that latest serum or moisturiser looks appealing on an ad, don’t go experimenting with it. It could cause more harm than good.

You can also try a plasma pen. The plasma pen treatment works without any contact with the skin, using controlled electric charges that emit plasma gas in one tiny dot on the desired area. Essentially, the electric charge promotes collagen and elastin production by stimulating the fibroblast cellular activity in cells. How many plasma pen treatments do I need? Check Dermavel to know more.

Talk to your doctor

A little advice from your doctor or dermatologist goes a long way. Regular visits will help you stay on top of your regimen. If you notice changes in skin colour, texture or mysterious moles, your doctor is the best source of advice instead of self-medication or ignoring the problem.



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