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Rolling with the Punches: The Art of Miles Frode

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02.25.CULTURE.ArtWatch.ARTMiles Frode’s painting style is often reminiscent of 20th century cubists and futurists––with a dynamism invoking Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase” in some pieces, and the perceptual play of Picasso’s cubist portraiture in others, mixed with a healthy dose of abstract expressionism.

Described by Frode as “Feelism,” his style is born of an improvisational energy that allows the subject or idea of a piece emerge organically through a process that embraces spontaneity and feeds upon mistakes.

“The way I do things kind of speaks to keeping an open mind,” says Frode. “I’ve been doing that style for almost 20 years. I realized that the topics and ideas and characters that come out when I do that, when I just trust-fall it, they’re actually the ideas and topics that I strive to fight for and with.”

Most interesting about Frode’s recent work is that many pieces are done either ambidextrously or entirely with his non-dominant hand.

“I’ve been dealing with a progressive injury,” says Frode. “My right arm is messed up and my left arm, when I use that, it gets messed up, so I’ve just been kind of rolling with the punches, painting with both hands, and then in the last three years when it gets really bad and I can’t paint with my left, I’ve been actually painting with my feet.”

Frode’s work can be seen all over of late; the third-generation artist was recently featured in Vogue Patterns for a collaboration with his mother, Diane Ericsson, wherein he painted his designs on fabric which she then crafted into clothing. He also currently has exhibits hung at PUSH Art Gallery, Ruby’s Neighborhood Restaurant, Liquid Assets and Talent Health Club.


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