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ROGUE SOUNDS: Lxor Strikes Back with his Second Album of 2017

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Carly Rae Jepsen, the Canadian pop tart of “Call Me Maybe” fame, wrote more than 250 songs for her 2015 album, Emotion. That’s a pretty furious pace for someone that can’t even decide whether or not you should call her. Though he’s still a few songs short of  the Jepsen standard, local hip hop artist Lxor just dropped his second full-length album of 2017. 1st sONs: raw war tapestry, a new 17-track collection hit Bandcamp in August, and it continues on many of the sonic themes Lxor explored on Moon Tow Drivers 1.0: dissonance, deep, unsettling reverbs, and dense rhymes about a buffet of bonkers topics.

The album opens with jerky sliced samples of a vocal loop for the instrumental track, “Ma.”

The second track, “Grave Vortex,” gets back into more traditional Lxor material: fast, complex, monotoned raps about deep kookery. The slower-paced guest verse from Fantom God cuts through the mix well.

The third track, “Juice,” sounds a bit like what I imagined Woodstock’s brown acid might, with an evil piano line that sounds like it is melting behind a slow boom bap beat.

The fourth track, “Test Subject 4GWar,” continues the psych-trend with a short flute loop, a sparser beat, and lyrics deconstructing classified military psy-ops.

Track five is a more traditional beat, with a boom bap beat, and trip-hop synth line.

Track six, “Geneva Convention,” has bass drum that hits like thunder underneath what sounds like a gritty sample of Russian folk music, an excellent combo.

Other standout tracks include, “Black Sun,” “Law of the Water,” and the penultimate tune, “Melodicide.”

The album has a lo-fi vibe overall, and doesn’t have as cohesive a sound as Moon Tow Drivers 1.0, likely to the multiple producers credited for different tracks, and could be a collection of B-sides. But when it’s on, it’s a more approachable collection.

1st sONs: raw war tapestry is available for download on Bandcamp. Call it, maybe…


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