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Rockers with a Cause: Q&A with Reason to Rebel

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reasontorebelSan Diego rockers Reason to Rebel have been around the block a few times in the last decade, executing multiple tours and including guest performances from A-listers like Ikey Owens of the Mars Volta and Bret Hinds of Mastoodon on their albums. One place they haven’t yet been is Southern Oregon. That will change on Sat., April 30 when the band plays The Haul in Grants Pass.

The Messenger caught up with Luke Chandler, the band’s vocalist, for some background.


Rogue Valley Messenger: How did you meet/did the band get together?

Luke Chandler: Reason has been together over 11 years now. When the four of us first got together (Evan, Sam, Daniel, and I), we were all either in college, or fresh out of high school, and each seeking an outlet for our musical eccentricities. We’d all been in other projects, but something clicked when we jammed together that first time.

RVM: What does your name mean? What does it say about your sound?

LC: For me, Reason to Rebel has always been about using your mind, your thirst for knowledge, to break through whatever barriers have been put before you. It’s about questioning what’s really the truth, & how we can be a better society. The name has set the tone for us in terms of subject matter lyrically, but also with regards to what we do musically. Our sound has evolved over the years, because that’s what happens when you’re constantly testing boundaries.

RVM: Similarly, speak to the name of the current tour/album: “This Gun is Human.” What’s the interpretation?

LC: THIS GUN IS HUMAN speaks to what the human race is to our planet and our surroundings. We’re the best at destroying things. Always have been. But maybe it’s time to find something else we’re good at.

RVM: Rock is a pretty varied genre, and there’s a lot of variety in your sound. What are your primary influences?

LC: Variety is essential for us. We get bored easily, so we’ve drawn a little bit of something from almost every type of music. We like Hip Hop & metal. Jazz & punk. Funk & Blues. I like to dance & bang my head, sometimes at the same time.

RVM: The music world has kind of shifted away from rock and towards electronic. Where do you feel your music fits in?

RTR: Maybe our music doesn’t fit in. I can’t control that. We’ve never really fit into any particular scene. What I can control is the songwriting, and I take that very seriously. We play guitars and drums because we like guitars and drums. They still sound good together, no matter how many new sounds or instruments are invented on a daily basis.


Reason to Rebel

9 pm Sat., April 30

The Haul, 121 SW H St., Grants Pass


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  1. Veronica Terzis
    May 10, 2016 at 6:38 pm — Reply

    One of the hardest working bands you will find. The best local band we ve seen this decade. Always fresh. Stage presence is always at 110 percent. Reason To Rebel rocks!

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