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Riz Ahmed’s next step towards music and film stardom

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If you’re feeling a touch of wanderlust but dare not risk hopping on an airplane right now, the Ashland Independent Film Festival’s World Film Weeks has you covered. Starting on September 17, this jewel of the cultural calendar brings the far reaches of the world, with features arriving from Ethiopia, Malta, the Dominican Republic, and the Native communities of the U.S.

Mogul Mowgli, September 19

Coming on the heels of his celebrated performance in last year’s affecting drama Sound of Metal, actor Riz Ahmed puts his skills as a rapper on display in Mogul Mowgli. Co-written by the actor with Pakistani filmmaker Bassam Tariq, the film centers on Zed, a New York hip-hop artist on the rise who is diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder right before he is set to tour Europe for the first time. The illness forces Zed to both reassess his goals and reconnect with his family, now living in London. With shots of black humor and some amazing music from Ahmed, Mogul was a sleeper favorite at the 2020 Berlin International Film Festival and received near-universal critical acclaim after it was released in the U.K. last year.


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