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Reeling Into Town: Wandering Reel Brings The Film Festival To You

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wandering1Grants Pass isn’t known for art films—and that is exactly why the Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival is rolling into town on Thursday, November 12. Like a traveling circus bringing exotic cultures and animals, Wandering Reel is an LA-based group of filmmakers who curate collections of short films from around the world—and then caravan them to small cities and towns which may not otherwise have art houses or snooty McTooty film festivals.

The “festival” has a few perimeters: Submitted films are short (each under 20 minutes, usually with a collective running time of 100 minutes for all the collected films), and they touch on social issues, and they often are artsy and, most of all, they are good. Really good.

The collection of films for the Grants Pass showing are challenging, touching, funny and delicate. There is a 13 minute film, Guest Room, about a young woman with Down Syndrome who deals with an unplanned pregnancy. And there is The Hero Pose, which is shot in muted colors and delicately considers a father-daughter relationship as the two hangout trying to sell a car that doesn’t run. Other films are less literal, like I Think This is Closest to How the Footage Looked, a 2012 short film from an Israeli filmmaker who tries to approximate the final day he spent with his mother by using low-budget items to recreate the moments and emotions.

The festival is a remarkable collection and a chance to sample remarkable filmmakers from around the world, like a Greek director and a prolific Swedish producer, Gustav Danielsson, with his unnerving short film Animals I Killed Last Summer.

All told, nice to have the world come to you.



7 pm, Thursday, Nov. 12
Barnstormers Theatre, 112 NE Evelyn Ave., Grants Pass
$8 (available at barnstormersgp.org or by calling the box office at 541.479.3557)


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