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Reclaimed Wood Turned into Art: Burnpile Design

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Burnpile Design

Repurposing rejected wood has become a popular trend in furniture and in home decor. Not only can one make a beautiful dining room table with reclaimed wood, you can also create a priceless work of art for your walls.

David Thomason of Burnpile Design in Grants Pass has been creating exceptional pieces of art out of reclaimed wood since 2015. His interest in woodwork came to Thomason in a dream. When he woke up, he found reclaimed wood, cut it in the shape of Oregon, then stained it for a nice finish. He says the response to this piece was overwhelming. A year later, he founded Burnpile Design.

“My history with art goes all the way back to when I was in kindergarten and I became fascinated with drawing sharks,” Thomason says. “The movie Jaws had just come out and I managed to watch it without my parents’ knowledge. This definitely had an influence.” In middle school his shark fascination evolved into drawing ninja bunnies on the back of his homework. With the encouragement from one of his teachers, he began taking art classes and continued to study art through college. “Art has been a part of me since I can remember and I plan on it being a part of me until I can’t remember.”

Burnpile Design’s website boasts photos of Oregon cutouts with vibrant scenes of nature painted over it. Thomason also makes triptychs, wooden bowties, and custom orders. “About half of my orders are clients wanting custom work done,” he says. “Whether it be an engraving of names, dates, business logos, or them wanting a piece with a custom nature scene depicted on it like the Rogue River.”

One of his most interesting creations are succulent planters in the shape of Oregon. The dark-finished wood acts as the border for succulents to thrive on the wall. He says, “This isn’t just art. It’s personalized art with a purpose. The purpose being to give the rejected wood of the world new life, but most importantly to support our local community.” Through Burnpile Design, he has been able to raise over $8,000 for local charities.

“My favorite part of all this is seeing the look on a client’s face when they pick their order up or the letters of appreciation they write to me after receiving their order in the mail,” he says. “There is no other feeling like being appreciated for your craft.”

To view, order, or customize your own reclaimed wood art piece with Thomason, go to burnpiledesign.com.


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