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Reaching Your Health Goals: 6 Tips for Eating Better

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It’s a common new year’s resolution and one of the things that you will start on Monday but often fail to do week after week: eating better. Your diet and what you eat has such a huge influence on your health and wellbeing, not only physically but also mentally. No matter how much exercise you do, if you aren’t fueling your body with the right nutrients and energy, you cannot be healthy. If you are ready to break the Monday cycle and reach your health goals, these six tips will help you create healthier eating habits.

1.     Control Your Portion Size

Many people nowadays actually eat a lot more than is necessary. We often eat until we are so full that it feels like we need to be rolled into bed and left there to sleep it off for at least 24 hours. But this is definitely not healthy. To reach your health goals and eat better, start controlling and reducing the size of your meal portions. A top tip to really help with this is using smaller plates – this tricks yourself into thinking you are eating more when you are actually eating less!

2.     Focus on Balance

Eating better isn’t about completely cutting our anything we consider unhealthy. Yes, you should reduce the amount of saturated fats that you consume, but you are still allowed to indulge in that piece of chocolate cake every now and then. Eating better is about balancing your diet and getting the right amount of each food group but increasing your intake of healthy fruit and vegetables.

3.     More Fruit and Veg

Literally all the items in this food group are packed full of nutrients, antioxidants and other elements that keep your body healthy; there are so many benefits of eating more fruit and veg. Unfortunately, due to questionable cooking practices, many people believe that vegetables don’t taste good. But that is just so not true. When cooked, seasoned, and combined into dishes creatively, vegetables have so much delicious flavor. You just have to experiment with some tasty vegetable dishes and find what you love.

4.     Meal Planning

No one wants to slave away in the kitchen each and every day, especially if you’ve had a busy day at work. The last thing you want to do is cook. Meal planning is a great way to get around this; even when you are tired and don’t have the energy to cook, you don’t have to order takeout as you already have a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal that you have already prepared. All you have to do is heat it up. Using a meal planner app can help you get started so you can eat better throughout the week and continue to work towards those health goals.

5.     Switch Your Snacks

A major pitfall in eating healthy for a lot of people is snacking. They’re convenient, tasty and keep you going throughout the day and in between meals, but they usually aren’t very healthy. Instead of sticking to the snacks that are filled with sugar and fats, start switching them out for healthier alternatives. Hummus and carrot sticks, raw nuts and fruits are great, healthy alternatives.

6.     Don’t Shop Hungry

Everyone has been there; walking round the grocery store, mouth watering at all the treats and goodies, stomach rumbling. Something magic happens when you go to the grocery store while your hungry – all the snacks and ingredients that you didn’t want to buy, just seem to appear in your cart. Don’t fall into this trap, and always eat before you shop for groceries.

Eating better means you have to create healthy habits that you can stick with long term, and these six tips will help you develop and maintain them so you can reach your health goals.

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