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Q&A with Medford’s mayoral candidates: The wild card, Jim Huddleston

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RVM: Stepping into the mayor’s role right now seems like a very daunting task.  It seems like there is more opportunity for blame than for fame.  Why do it? 

JH: Because it hasn’t been done right for years, and blame can only be put on the flawed system that got us here. This is not a Medford we achieved, it’s a Medford we ended up with.

RVM:Can you provide a brief economic forecast for Medford—and one or two policies that you would want to first implement?  

JH: Our economic forecast will greatly depend on the peoples willingness to vote. If you vote to raise personal and corporate taxes, gut the police dept, and let criminals free with no bail, then you subject local businesses to burdens they may not be able to overcome.

RVM: What is it like campaigning during COVID? 

JH: It is difficult because when you have no name recognition, you do not have the ability to go out and meet the people.

RVM:You are running against the former police chief.  With so much interest in city police departments, what is your assessment for how the police have done in Medford—and what is a priority to change? 

JH: I’ve really had to think about this. I’ve had multiple conversations with Randy. He is a super nice man with incredible integrity. And although he has great intentions, he has demonstrated the ability to quit when times get tough. That was while managing a department of how many? Now he’ll be responsible for the well being of over 200k people? I’d actually appreciate his endorsement. The police are fantastic and would be better if we’d stop handcuffing and criminalizing them. A priority would be to raise their pay and give them a larger presence on the street. That’s where crime is deterred. BACK THE BLUE.

RVM: Can you pay a compliment to your opponents?

JH: I can compliment Sparacino because he is genuine in his love for the city and law enforcement.God bless him.

I cannot compliment Stine, who uses is veteran status as a resume, and then openly supports a party that spits the face of the country he took an oath to protect against enemies both foreign and domestic.

Nor Bearnson who is frothing for the legalization of a schedule 1 narcotic. I guess next it’ll be meth for chronic fatigue.

RVM:And what sets you most apart from your opponents?

JH: Medford needs an enema. We need to flush the sewer and reevaluate a system that has been dysfunctional for years.

I will veto anything that remotely suggests we define the police or diminishes our 2nd amendment rights. I will hold council accountable for being the voice of their ward instead of ignoring them. I will fight for pay raises for police and first responders, as well as a stronger presence on the streets, and will fight against legalized narcotics being sold within city limits. Its dirty money, and there is no honor in funding our city with it. God bless you, Medford, and the United States of America.




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