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PUBLIC PROFILE: Nathan Rowling/Natasha Blackwell

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Nathan Rowling has been performing as Natasha Blackwell for the past five years, and will emcee the Pride events on the big day (11 am – 3 pm, October 13, Lithia Park, Ashland). “With this event we will be able to spread love farther and make pride bigger and better for our community,” declares Blackwell. We asked the fabulous superstar a few more questions.

RVM: What do you plan to wear at Pride?

NR: I plan on wearing something super fabulous as always to pride!

RVM: What makes Pride an important event?

NR: Pride is an important time for the community to come together and celebrate everyone, no matter who you are!

RVM: Do you remember attending your first Pride event?

NR: The first pride I ever attend was here in the Rogue Valley. Shortly after starting drag! And haven’t missed one since!

RVM: How has Pride changed, if it has, over the past few years? What is different about Pride this year?

NR: Here in the Rogue Valley pride as change a little over the years! From the ever fabulous Gina DeQuenne stepping back as pride coordinator and letting the wonderful folks at Lotus Rising Project take over and renew the energy of pride! During that time we changed from Southern Oregon Pride to Rogue Valley Pride. But overall the vibe has stayed the same! And that is to love who you love! And to be your true self!

RVM: And, on a more personal note, Halloween: Favorite holiday? Do you have a costume for this year?

NR: Halloween! Don’t you mean the holiday that is an all year round event for a drag queen! I live to dress up and be fabulous! No costume per say yet! But you near know what a girl has in her trick or treat bag!


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