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Pairing Local Bands with Local Brews

By Peter Gandesbery, Jeff Hill and Josh Gross

FACT: Beer makes everything better! [Editor’s note: that’s not medically accurate, but sure, why not.] Especially music. However, not all beers make every experience or type of music equally better. Ya gots to pair that shizzle, son.

But since you’re a hardworking American that earns your way, you don’t have time for that sort of froofy nonsense. That’s why we took care of it for you. Here’s five favorite local bands and the corresponding hooch to help get the most out of them.

The turbo-charged country-punk harmonies Bucklerash specializes in are springy, but even and balanced. The sound is as smooth a blast of raw warp-speed overdrive as you’re likely to get in the local scene. The smooth floral notes and patented bitterness Caldera IPA the perfect way to get the most out of a Bucklerash show.




02.12.SOUND.LocalBandsLocalBeers.100 Watt Mind100 Watt Mind
This band is multi-faceted. It’s fuzzy rock-riff marathons are defiant but even-footed. They are professional without sounding commercial. They let you know that whatever you are doing you might as well do it with solid intentions. Therefore, while many beers will work great with this band, The clear thesis and complex delivery of Whiskey Canyon Porter from Bricktowne Brewery is a solid match. The thick beer will also help you carboload to dance your heiny off.


View More: http://mikelllouise.pass.us/evening-shadesThe Evening Shades
The eclectic indie-pop of The Evening Shades manages to entertain by focusing on the melodic aspects of their songs, much the way a good pilsner pleases the drinker by emphasizing a good balance between tangy and smooth. Have a pint of Yellow Belly Blonde from Climate City Brewery from Grants Pass and you’ll get twice as shade from your evening.





Step it up and Go:

When a band plays rockabilly music there is always a danger that the swagger of the genre will overpower the substance of the music. This doesn’t happen with Step it up and Go for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the infinitely remarkable guitar playing by Evan Davidson. A single-minded (yet not two-dimensional) band should be accompanied by a straightforward yet striking beer. Therefore, have a pint of Workers Pale Ale from Walkabout Brewing Company with this band. Better yet, have another and another. Shout “ONE MORE SONG!” each time you do.


This year’s winners in the Best Band category of Best of the Rogue are notoriously reclusive, playing their special brand of high-energy indie-rock locally only if the conditions are just right. That’s why you need to a seasonal brew to match their booking patterns. Go for a Caldera Toasted Coconut Chocolate Porter. It’s rare, complex and instantly likeable, just like Seaons.


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