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Personalizing Art : Pottery, Canvas & Stone in Grants Pass

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An assortment of pottery and figurines waiting to be painted at Pottery Canvas & Stone. Photo credit: David Willhite

A mug with a personalized message tends to be the one people take special care of. Hand painted piggy banks seem to never be broken because of the memories held on the surface’s patterns.

David Willhite opened Pottery Canvas & Stone in Grants Pass on May 16. Art has been important to Willhite his entire life. Fourteen years ago, when Willhite lived in Brookings, he started a chocolate festival that’s still celebrated each year. Two years ago he began Holiday Art & Chocolate Festival at Grants Pass High School. It was only natural for him to include a “secret chocolate shop” in his pottery store.

“I think that cultures around the world have always come together over handmade things,” he says. “Whether it’s an apple pie that is lovingly made, a hand-built picnic table, or a mug with a child’s handprint on it, people love to make things together and for each other. It’s an expression of love and friendship, and I could think of no better way to spend the time I have left here on Earth. I really just soak up some of that and really enjoy seeing people having a good time, making memories and having some togetherness.”

Willhite makes sure everyone has a good time and everyone is an artist here, while also enjoying his delicious chocolates.

I’ve worked really hard to create a homey little place, away from the troubles of life and I hope in some small way, my efforts will contribute to the purpose of people’s lives, which is to love one another,” he says.

Every Saturday night at Pottery Canvas & Stone is a Sip & Paint night. Wednesday, July 3, the store will host a free rock painting event for suicide prevention. Independence Day will offer 20 percent off patriotic-themed items.


Pottery Canvas & Stone

10 am – 6 pm, Monday – Saturday

130 NE F St, Grants Pass

  1. 295.8819


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