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Patio Beers: The Best Spots in the Valley to Get Your Outdoor Drink On

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Summertime means river rafting, camping, frisbee golf, jumping off of high things into pools or water and stuff––or, for the lazier, more alcoholically inclined of us who still want to go outside sort of, patio beers.

There’s nothing like having a seat on your favorite bar’s patio mid-summer and watching urban life thrive around you. In the right scene, it can feel like you’re sitting at the geographic center of town, watching the world orbit around your tipsy head.

The Rogue Valley boasts plenty of patios where you can camp out with a pint and watch the tide of the daily goings on roll by.

Here are just a few sweet sweet patio beer spots to tick off your summer bucket list:



Calle Guanajuato
(That alley behind the plaza shops)

This cobblestone alley along the Ashland Creek also serves as the patio dining spot for the restaurants on the plaza. Throw back some sake at Umi Sushi, have a pint at Louie’s, or head to the cozy patio of Oberon’s for some top notch Renaissance-themed patio beering.

Caldera Tap House
31 Water St. #2

With some of the finest taps in Ashland and spacious, shaded patio, Caldera is a prime locale for enjoying a pint in Ashland on a hot summer day––and it’s right by Bluebird park, where you can have a tipsy splash in the creek after throwing a few back.

58 E Main St.

For a drink and a view, elevated from the hustle and bustle of street level patio drinking. Have a beer or a fancy-pants cocktail and lord over downtown in all your boozy glory.



147 N. Front St.

Porters is your go-to for beautiful, secluded patio dining and drinking. Best in the evening with the lights are all aglow, it’s a great spot for a beer, glass of wine or fancy cocktail on a summer night.

142 N. Front St.

This taqueria boasts a lush, colorful patio right on Front street. You can go for any of Habeñeros’ standard selection of beers, or opt for a patio margarita for bonus summer points.



The Haul
121 SW H St

A primo spot for beer connoisseurs, The Haul features a variety of craft brews, wines and ciders to enjoy in the sun––many of them local picks from Connor Fields Brewing and Applegate Valley wineries.

971 SE 6th Street

A great spot for riverside beering, Taprock has a variety of brews and a stellar view of the water. Throw back a porter and pretend you’re doing one of those water sports people are so into.

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