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Painting from the Britt to the Applegate: Painting a Children’s Book

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In a Monet-esque painting, a deer frolics through a green-infested landscape. Local painter Phillipo LoGrande brings the deer’s story to life page by page, making it a colorful story any child would love to read.

Visiting 38 states and 11 countries as a traveling artist brings about all kinds of imagery and stories LoGrande captures with his paintbrush. Throughout the countless journeys, the now Jacksonville-resident painter has also illustrated a children’s book by Jef Kooper, titled Sugarbob Goes to the Lodge.

From art school in Detroit, Grande found himself in Florence, Italy for a time, learning the techniques of painting. “I have explored many different mediums from painting large frescos to miniatures,” he says. Throughout his career he’s designed calendars and posters, but this is his first children’s book. “I had been living next store to a lodge when Sugarbob [the deer in the book] showed up in the summer four years ago and I started documenting his relationship with his extended family in sketches and paintings. May I say it was a very special time! When the opportunity to make a book about it arose, I thought what better way to share the lessons I learned from living with a wild creature in such a unique environment?”

He produced 15 acrylic paintings for the story that local musician and author Jef Kooper set to words. “Fast forward five months later and it’s coming out along with 30 other paintings all about Jacksonville and life in the Applegate.” Several of his paintings at this showing were painted during the severely hazardous smoke the Rogue Valley experienced this last summer. He says, “Everybody was complaining about the smoke this summer while I was struck at the unique quality of light I have never experience in 40 years of painting. The book deals with questions like these, our changing relationship with the environment, and how our simple choices impact a future that can or cannot be changed.”

His current show at the Crown Jewel in Ashland features 238 painted bridges spanning his four years from Britt to the Applegate. The paintings from the book will also be featured for the month of December. Philipo LoGrande’s work is not only breathtaking, but the painter himself is charismatic and passionate about his work, including the people in the areas he paints.


Philipo LoGrande at the Crown Jewel

266 E Main St, Ashland

Monday–Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm



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