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Oregon Is Now a Running Field for Cannabusinesses Led by Former Athletes

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Ever since the northwestern state made cannabis legal in 2015, the industry took off without ever glancing back. Projections reveal Oregon’s cannabusiness will most likely be worth $1 billion by 2025, which is exceptionally exciting for our state’s growers.

January 2019 marked an incredible number of 4,368 submitted legal applications for growing and distributing. That fact implies a great competition between investors and growers on the market, which is excellent. The resident consumers are likely to enjoy some of the best cannabis products available. 

However, Oregon’s leading cannabis market investors are, you guessed it, former professional sportspeople. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Why Do Athletes Lean Toward Cannabis?

Many sportspeople have kept a close bond with cannabis throughout their careers, often with detrimental effects on their profession. Nevertheless, with the recent events of the World Anti-Doping Agency changing the status of CBD products to an uncontrolled substance when containing as little as 0.3% of THC, athletes can now use cannabidiol for treating various types of pain and physical distress caused by heavy training.

Bruni’s study from 2018 indicates the importance of transdermal use of CBD-based products in treating inflammation and pain. Most athletes can relate to such pain, both muscular and skeletal, since practices and matches regularly end up in fractures and bruises. Also, nine in ten NFL players revealed they had played at least one game while having an ongoing injury, so proper analgesia is vital in such cases.

CBD products come in a variety of forms suitable for distinct user needs and preferences. Some people might prefer oils and tinctures, while others rely on edibles for a more convenient experience. 

Still, topical hemp creams are the athletes’ favorite, as they keep the levels of THC under control, and thus, their careers are at no risk.

Oregon Athletes and Cannabis

Cannabis Science Conference held in Oregon this year marked a significant milestone for cannabusiness and sports everywhere. Namely, the conference included a panel with a doctor and four sports professionals who discussed the stigma around cannabis and NFL appropriating alcohol sales instead. They made a great point, since cannabis resulted in no significant negative effects, as opposed to alcohol.

Cliff Robinson, a former NBA star now residing in Portland, was suspended three times during his professional basketball career due to cannabis use. Since his retirement, he has been committed to creating high-end and sport-oriented cannabis products with his brand, Uncle Cliffy, launched in 2017.


Another piece of history connecting cannabis and sports was made this May, as Portland Pickles became the first baseball team ever to be sponsored by a CBD product brand. According to Forbes, they signed a two-year sponsorship agreement with Lazarus Naturals, effective as of the beginning of this year’s season.

Dutchie, an online platform revolving around cannabis products and their delivery, was launched this year. Even though it is based in Bend, Oregon, it delivers across other states as well. The platform had financial backing by none other than Kevin Durant, a two-time NBA champion.

The list goes on for many other athletes, current or former, famous for their investments in the business. 

As the sports seasons go by, each year we are closer to seeing a cannabis brand advertise itself during a halftime show. Since more and more professional athletes use this plant for relieving pain and distress while building brands around it, chances are the governments everywhere might expedite the full legalization of cannabis.

There is still a long way to go, but the ride is going to be nothing short of exciting.


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