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Opening World Film Week(s) with climate change inspiration

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Ashland Independent Film Festival opens this year’s World Film Week(s) on Friday, September 17 with The Ants and the Grasshopper. 

The various threads of progressive activism—climate change, gender and racial equality, fighting child hunger—are braided together in the work of Anita Chitaya. When we meet this small farmer and reform advocate in Malawi, she’s overseeing her crops and pushing for the men in her village to take on some of the burden of cooking and child rearing with equal amounts of care and good humor. Now the face of a larger social movement, this fascinating documentary follows Chitaya as she’s invited to the U.S. to visit independent farms and the White House. Her visits to the deep South and the Midwest are especially revealing as the American farmers refuse to address the patriarchal roots deeply embedded in their work and their lives.

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