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One Stitch at a Time: Hollow Hands Needlepoint

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by Jordan Marie McCaw


Chloe Lindgren needlepointing. Photo courtesy of Chloe Lindgren

In a quaint, ornate frame is an embroidered bouquet of flowers. In another is an embroidered human heart with flowers blossoming forth. The artwork is detailed, vulnerable, and created by local artist Chloe Lindgren.

Lindgren recently launched an online store where people can view and purchase her embroidery work under the name hollowhandsCo. For almost a year she has been cultivating her style, working on her craft in the medium, and finding her voice in art.

Her art invites viewers to be as vulnerable as what they’re looking at. “I always try to provoke a feeling of vulnerability with my work,” she says. “Ideally, I want the viewer of my work to feel a small sense of peace and recognition when looking at [it].”

Lindgren took her first embroidery class in an after school program at age six or seven. Though she fell in love with the medium at a young age, she didn’t pick it up again until February of last year. She says she pulls inspiration from scenes in nature. “I’m often in awe of the natural world and am always looking for new ways to portray my idea of it. Artists that I look up to are Britt Hutchinson and A.J. Pritchett. They’re both embroidery artists that produce such unique and delicate work.”

To accomplish creating a sense of vulnerability in her embroidery, she describes her style as “fragile and raw. I definitely try to keep a cohesive style, but I’m always trying to learn new techniques which nudge my ‘style’ every which way.”

What lead to her opening an online store is being able to “share my art with others in a more tangible way than just sharing photos on social media.” On Lindgren’s Instagram people can view not just her embroidery, but also drawings and paintings by her. For the time being, however, she’s decided to let those mediums remain a personal avenue to her. She says, “I feel as though I am able to portray the message I’m looking for easier with embroidery in a style that feels unique to my own.”

To view and purchase Lindgren’s artwork, visit etsy.com/shop/hollohandsco.



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