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One Artist’s Entrepreneurial Spirit: Creative Marketing & Design

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Laurel Briggs

When we see a logo of a local or nation-wide business, we don’t often think about the thought that went into designing it. Sometimes the logo is as simple as the business’s name in a timeless font, yet someone still spent time creating it.

Since 2009 Laurel Briggs of Creative Marketing & Design is all about designing logos and marketing brands for businesses in the Rogue Valley. She also works with businesses in California, Arizona, Utah, and Las Vegas.

Briggs was born in Jacksonville, where she spent much of her childhood creating flyers for events and fundraisers as well as taking art classes and spending time in 4-H. “In college, at Willamette University in Salem, I worked for the on-campus magazine and loved working on both the content and layout,” she says. At California State in Fullerton, she improved upon her designing and marketing techniques. “I also really enjoyed the grad work I did that focused on audience behavior and marketing planning. There is a lot of psychology and research that can and should go into marketing efforts.”

From an idea to a young business, she enjoys witnessing their successes. “I’ve witnessed many people’s lives change for the better and its really fun to be a part of that process. I assist in bringing people’s great ideas to the marketplace and then supporting them as they grow,” she says. “It is rewarding to witness a ‘brand’ emerge that is professional and really hits the mark in conveying the brand essence to its customers.”

Her favorite part about her job is conveying a complex idea in the simplest way possible. She says, “Sometimes this process takes minutes or it can take months. I love web because it allows a lot of layers of information to be laid out in a beautiful and functional way.” Several logos she designs ends up on wine labels, on the internet, on billboards, and more. At Creative Marketing & Design she only has one other full-time employee. With a small team, she contracts videographers, SEO writers, and photographers periodically.

Briggs’s passion for design and marketing has improved multiple businesses in the Rogue Valley. She adds, “I love seeing a new business or idea emerge and take off.” Her clients would say the same thing after working with her.


Creative Marketing & Design

9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday



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