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Norwegian humor? Is that a thing? Apparently: Ninjababy, September 22 

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Sure, stay home, but see the world! Ashland Independent Film Festival hosts the annual World Film Week(s), albeit virtually! Our pick?

Ninjababy, September 22 

The latest feature from Norwegian writer/director Yngvild Sve Flikke is a deft blend of comedy and drama that introduces the world to Rakel, an artist with little ambition and an overactive imagination, who learns that, unbeknownst to her, she’s six months’ pregnant. The revelation sends her into a hilarious and touching tailspin as Rakel’s disinterest in raising a child and anxieties about giving the baby up for adoption are manifested in the form of a cartoon baby that cajoles and harangues her every step of the way. The mixture of the surreal and serious is handled ably by Flikke and given weight by a winning lead performance by Kristine Thorp.

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