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No Wrong Way? There Are So Many “Reese”-ons To Give Up Sugar

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Dr. Daniel Smith.WELLNESSIt is worth bringing up sweets again. After all, we are now less than two weeks away from Halloween and it also is part of the Jewish tradition at this time of year to consume apples and honey, a gastronomic wish for a sweet new year.  

The 21st century world must reassess their relationship with sugar and refined carbohydrates.  Sugars in whole foods are properly balanced with minerals. In contrast, consumption of processed sugar leads to formation of acids that leach calcium and other minerals from the body, leaving the tissues depleted of these nutrients. Under these conditions, food cannot be digested or assimilated properly.

“Yeah, but I can’t resist,” my patients tell me, “I know it’s not good for me, but eating sugar is how I respond to stress.”

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