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No Pain, All Gain: Emerge Hot Yoga Will Open Your Heart

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Emerge Hot Yoga in Ashland. Photo Courtesy of Emerge Hot Yoga

When DeAnna and Jay Larkins met, something profound occurred between the young couple at such a deep level they knew what they experienced had to be shared. A center where they could merge their spiritual philosophies, and heal the body through various natural modalities, became the foundation for Emerge Hot Yoga Studio in Ashland.   

“I was in the thirteenth month of writing my book How to Meet Your Soulmate in 13 Months when I was introduced to Jay,” DeAnna laughs. “We experienced this great heart awakening simultaneously and received visions of creating this healing sanctuary to help others rejuvenate, release pain and open their hearts in a deeper way.”

Since 2017, Emerge has blossomed into a wellness institute with classes for parents and couples and healing work offerings such as the Breath Work Ceremony. And of course, hot yoga.

“Psychologically, it’s very challenging in the beginning to stand a lot in the heat,” says Jay, who was certified in Bikram yoga in 2011. “Like life, it’s challenging to overcome something outside of you that is uncomfortable.”

Bikram hot yoga is led in a room heated to 100 degrees or more. Students move through 26 postures and two breathing exercises in 90 minutes. Millions around the world attest to this vigorous practice and achieving better mobility, more strength and increased flexibility.

“And students gain more peace to deal with life,” Jay adds. “It’s building an internal integrity through the craft when they can drop away from the mind and learn to be present in themselves. That presence under extreme discomfort and pressure can have the same effect when dealing with uncomfortable situations in life, helping to make good decisions and be less irrational.”

“We stuff our emotions inside of our body,” adds DeAnna, “and we forget what we’re going through, because it’s too painful to confront. When you’re facing yourself in the mirror for 90 minutes and you keep going, keep hydrating the body, nurturing your mind and showing up for yourself, your heart becomes bigger than your challenges.”

The Breath Work ceremony allows students to tap into their subconscious, according to DeAnna. For 2 – 3 hours the group will do breathing techniques after each has shared and set a personal intention.

“Maybe it’s about something you’re working through in your life and what it is that’s blocking you from achieving it? It’s another modality that helps someone spiritually dig deeper into the subconscious shadow pain that hasn’t been healed,” she adds.

Future plans for Emerge Studio include a vegan, raw foods café, eucalyptus spa and Intuitive School for children. Being born empathic and highly perceptive, DeAnna, who is a medical intuitive, says she often felt confused as a child because she could hear others’ thoughts and see their emotions.

“Thankfully I had a father who saw my gifts because he had the same ones,” DeAnna says. “Our two-year-old son is incredibly intuitive.”

Her father, a medical doctor, would invite her to his office to help intuit a patient’s overall health.

“There are some of us that are born to communicate our intuitive feelings for the sake of healing,” she says. “Our school will help students learn how to express, with love, what they are seeing energetically, which may be uncomfortable for others to hear.”

The Larkins’ share their Four Steps to Enlightenment in the Divine Union and Couples with Clarity classes, a series of lessons they believe will aid others in achieving objective communication without the emotional triggers.

“It’s not only about the physical part of health,” says DeAnna. “It’s also spiritual and emotional. Once we emerge from our addiction to thinking and get out of our head to feel the body, health usually comes down to some authentic nurturing of ourselves.”


Emerge Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga: 6 am Mon., Wed., Fri. and 9 am & 4:30 pm, daily
Vinyasa Flow: 12 pm, Tuesdays
Yin Yoga: 7 pm, Fridays

330 Oak Street, Ashland



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