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New Year, New Food: Resolve to Try Something New in 2016

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newfoodThe new year is here and we all know what that means…..diet resolutions! We spoke with Chad Hahn, owner and chef at The Haul, an American-eclectic farm-to-table joint in Grants Pass, to get ideas for fun and inspiring new food goals. Check out what he had to say about trying new foods, what tastes are going to be on-trend, and how to strike the balance between health and indulgence in 2016.

Rogue Valley Messenger: What food do you think people should give a try in the new year? This could be an item off your menu or an adventurous food you’d love to see on more plates.

Chad Hahn: More curries. Like the Curry Fries at The Haul!

RVM: Any recommendations for our readers on how to approach a food they’ve never tried or previously disliked? What makes for an adventurous palate?

CH: Always pick the most obscure thing on the menu and eat it. Except Natto, that stuff is exceptionally gross. Go to a different country and immerse yourself in their culture. You won’t have a choice but to eat their food, thus expanding your palate.

RVM:: Do you have any predictions for a food that will trend in 2016?

CH: Space gruel. By that I refer to high fat, high protein, highly flavored legume-based stews. Haleem immediately comes to mind.

RVM: How do you recommend people keep a balance of health and indulgence when eating out, especially given the many food-related resolutions we see?
CH: It is pretty obvious and scientifically proven: eat less sugar and pre-packaged processed food.

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