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Natural Beauty Brands to Check Out Today 

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It’s been quite amazing to see the growing number of people passionate about saving the planet!

The term “organic” has become a thing that people can now incorporate into their daily lives.  Without now having to pay a fortune and many brands, including many natural beauty products, are focusing on providing only the most quality naturally made offerings to consumers.

 Many people don’t realize this, but our skin is one of our largest and most delicate organs in the body. It is what protects the rest of our body and deserves to be well looked after! So with natural beauty products more accessible than ever, your skin is in for a real treat. 

To help you enhance your skin care routine and give you that natural glow, we’ve rounded up the top natural beauty brands you need to check out today!

  1. The one that uses the ocean

The ocean has always been known for its healing powers. The combination of salt, sun and a nutrient dense underwater world means that it was only a matter of time until someone figured out how to have technology sustainably source the ocean for the betterment of our skin! This marine based skin care range is jam packed with all the natural ingredients from the ocean that will be sure to give you a natural beach holiday glow all year long.

  1. The one that uses bamboo

Plants have many purposes. And we bet you didn’t know that plants like bamboo can be used to make your skin look great! Full of nutrients that our skin will benefit from, this natural beauty brand has figured out how to use bamboo as a hero ingredient to keep your skin glowing and youthful.

  1. The one that uses antioxidant

Fruit is jam packed with antioxidants, which we need as part of our daily diet in order to live a healthy life. We bet you didn’t know that that same fruit can be broken down and used as a key ingredient in skin care too! By extracting the antioxidants straight from the fruit and into your skin care products, your skin will get instant benefits from being exposed to these nutrients and this is one of the best ways to get that glowing skin you’re longing for!

  1. The one that is 100% pure

The fewer chemicals there are, the better! This natural skin care product has figured out how to create a skin care range that is 100% pure with only natural ingredients chosen for the benefits they will provide to your skin. Who doesn’t want pure healthy skin? Well, with this skin care brand, you can have just that!

  1. The one that uses culture

Respecting the natural ingredients they have sourced from the small island nation of New Zealand, this skin care brand equally integrates the culture of the area into the product as well. By respecting the culture and the local’s association with these natural ingredients, they are able to formulate the most respectful natural skin care product we’ve ever heard about! And with ingredients like Manuka honey, it smells pretty darn good too!

Our skin deserves only the best! With these great natural skincare products, you will have your pick! From brands that use the ocean to brands that use natural plants like bamboo, it is impressive how companies have been innovative in using their surroundings to create great skincare products.

What natural skincare product will you be incorporating into your skincare routine next?



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