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Nashville Indie Rock – Kelsey Waters: You Got This

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Kelsey Waters has been a recording artist since the age of 14. With her new single You Got This, she rolls her life-story into a batch of dark, guitar-fueled songs inspired by electric rock & roll and pop noire.

With a nod to her favorite 90’s rockers like Sheryl Crow, Joan Osborne and Fiona Apple, Kelsey Waters has returned to a raw sense of emotion and vulnerability, built with the classic tools of indie rock: a sharp perspective, a memorable hook, and a kernel of ultimate truth. The feeling here is centered around that moment of instinct, that brief connection to the most primal part of yourself that understands feelings, and not words; and the truth will always be different than the first impression.

Pretty as a picture, genuine pretender; keeping it together with glitter and mascara

Through the magic of creative expression, we find a counterpart to the daily struggles of life: from getting out of bed, and then out the door, making every day count takes a certain amount of resolve. With her new single You Got This, Kelsey Waters wants you to know that she’s got your back, either way you decide to go.

Kelsey Waters is a singer and songwriter from Nashville, TN. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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