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Music Sampler: The Shaky Harlots

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Brynna Dean from The Shaky Harlots recently shared a few thoughts about the band’s current state of evolution.

RVM: What is your latest project? New songs? A late summer tour?  

BD: Our latest project is a combination of all of our individual favorite genres and styles, mixing them together to join into one style and possibly even create a new genre together. We are not stuck on one thing. We are not as worried about what people think even more so we are just interested in what each other thinks and creates from that.

As far as a late summer tour no plans thus far other than finishing all of our goals and what seemed to be never-ending projects are now finally coming to a slow and much deserved finish line!

Sometimes we practice twice a week for months at a time to just make sure we sound good for our fans and our audience that night. We are creating memories for our fans; that’s really all that we are into other than being in the same room hanging out and riffing ideas.

We get way more excited for shows due to the fact that we have grown so much closer in the last couple years and we stopped trying to work so hard and work harder at having a good time ourselves as well as the audience. We have been having a blast hanging with each other brainstorming practicing and playing live streams to just meeting up to brainstorm ideas or just meeting up to write out a set list together so band practice can be anything from a meeting with a label and planning for that as a team and how to respond or just a simple facetime call where all five of us are cracking up and having fun with each other. We all blend together to make a pretty rare weird fun functioning family of misfits.

RVM: Did quarantine change how you approach your music? Did it make you more excited for live shows? Or, did you learn a new instrument or find a new sound? Or, was it just a pause button?  

BD: Quarantine definitely changed how we approach everything in the creation factory category from music to art you name it instead of killing a spark it just ignited us even more to get things done and have fun while accomplishing our goals and even taking out some of the old dusty tracks we never thought we would finish or just didn’t think we even liked, coming at it with a fresh view and fresh ideas , we are creating from chaos and can’t wait to keep creating more. more more chaos please. No pause button needed. More please?

RVM: Did you discover any new music for yourself during quarantine? 

BD: We have found so much new music and have all branched out of what we all individually and normally even listen to in our playlists as far as music goes the sky’s the limit.

One of our favorite things to do is to go to live local shows and support our favorite local bands. We love supporting live local music and dancing on the other side of the tracks for once. If anything we have been having more fun, and finding out how precious time really is.


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