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Music Sampler: The Giantess

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Voted Best Band in the Messenger’s 2019 Besties, Giantess is seductive blues-based rock. Band leader Tess Minnick talked with us about the past year.

RVM: What is your latest project?  

Our current project is working on our debut album titled “Be Love” coming out by the end of the year. We also have written several new songs we are performing live.

RVM: Did quarantine change how you approach your music?

TM: Quarantine was a very interesting time for us. We had quite a few big shows as a full band that were cancelled, and while that was disappointing, it gave us a chance to try some exciting new things. I picked up the bass guitar and that’s been so amazing. I love the feeling of singing and playing bass and it’s definitely changed our approach to writing music. I find myself able to connect more deeply to our songs as a musician with the ability to write lyrics and melody lines around bass lines. I’m very excited to play those big shows again, but with a bigger and better sound!

RVM: Did you discover any new music for yourself during quarantine?  

TM: I am always looking for new music, but during quarantine I was able to really re-discover music I love with a new appreciation for the rhythm section. I pay more attention to the bass and drums than I ever have before as a singer and that’s really fun for me but I’m excited to hear more of what other original artists come out with as well!

The Giantess Duo
4 – 6 pm, Sat. August 21, Rellik Winery, Central Point

8 – 10 pm, Sat. August 28, The Copper Plank, Medford

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