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Music Sampler: Parole Denied

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As part of the Messenger‘s annual Music Guide, we are proud to profile local musicians–and provide a music track!

Song: Rage (live at the Sound Lounge)

Parole Denied

A four piece band that has one more band member that genres it blends: Alt-country, rockabilly and punk. This current line-up morphed and was created after the break-up of Black Ink Breakdown, recently adding their fourth member, the crazy talented Christian Warren on bass. Lead vocals and guitar Jay Rapp answered our questions.

RVM: What changes would you like to make to the Southern Oregon music scene if you could?

JR: We think the music scene in Southern Oregon has come a long way over the last couple of decades. Of course, more venues would always be great. Seems we’ve lost a number of iconic houses over the last few years and new places to play are always something every band wishes for. We also think that starting shows a bit earlier would really help numbers for all local bands. Medford and the surrounding cities seem to be earlier crowds.

RVM: What other local band or music artist do you have a total bromance with or which is crush worthy in your opinion and why?

JR: There are way too many local bands that we have bromances with! Playing in this Valley for so long builds some amazing friendships with a ton of different artists. If we had to pick, we’d say it was a tie between The Legendary Goodtimes and Doves and Vultures. We’ve played with those guys for so long that we’re all family.

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