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Music Sampler: King Roy Wing

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As part of the Messenger‘s annual Music Guide, we are proud to profile local musicians–and provide a music track!

Song: You and I

Song: Cooper Wolf

Featuring three part harmonies, a gritty raw energy and wry sense of humor, King Roy Wing is a relative newcomer to the southern Oregon music scene—and a promising addition. Yes, the common bluegrass and Americana, and folk music tripod, but boasting something unique.

RVM: Did quarantine change how you approach your music?

(Michael) Henry: Like everyone else, COVID and quarantine were tough for us as a band. We were just set to release and tour our newest album, “These Rolling Hills,” when COVID hit. Unfortunately, everything was cancelled, and it was super discouraging. The recording process was a big build up and it was disappointing to not release the album properly. After that we decided to take a break as a band.

During the break, I really wanted to do something completely different and started working with Mitchell Winters of the band Slow Corpse on an electronic album I had been thinking about.

Basically, it is an album of sarcastic, over the top, love songs that I wanted to give my wife for her birthday. It is incredibly weird and amazing and feels like the exact opposite of King Roy Wing.

Actually, if you like King Roy Wing, you will probably hate it.

We spent about a month in Mitchell’s studio coming up with ideas and ironing the songs out. Then sent the tracks to the other band members to add their touches (ahem.……Jenika, who added about 1,000 vocal tracks and ideas).

Everyone recorded their parts remotely and then sent them back to Mitchell who mixed them in. About a month later the album, “You do you…. (but can I do you too?)” was born.

As planned…I gave it to my wife for her birthday.

Honestly, it felt good for us to do something so silly and not serious after putting so much effort into an album that basically went nowhere. Not to mention being constantly bombarded by the grim reality of covid and wildfires.

Over the past few months, however, the band has reconnected and I can honestly say, the sound and the music is better than it ever has been. It feels like everyone has gained perspective of where the band fits in their life and what they want to get out of it.

We’re currently writing and arranging a bunch of new music and are excited to start playing live shows again to share it. We’re looking forward to a potential fall/winter tour, that will definitely include some shows here in the Valley.

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