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Music: Bryan Bielanski

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There was a genre in the early 90s that never quite breached into mainstream; it was there with bands like Minneapolis’ Gear Daddies and Texas-based James McMurtry. Basic upbeat guitar chords harmonized with checky lyrics fantasizing about quirky, better lives. At his most mainstream, Bryan Bielanski taps into this tone and sensibility (even though in his press notes he pins his hopes and style closer to Nirvana).

At other times, though, like his song “Two Eggs Any Style,” the sound apes closer to Black Flag’s “TV Party” while “Gateway to Another Dimension” heads towards George Harrison’s Beatles (is that a sitar?).

It is a wide-range; all enjoyable and likable and 100% earnest. Bielanski is currently pounding the pavement across the United States, hitting local taverns and clubs.

8 pm Thursday, April 21

Johnny B’s Rocking Diner, 120 E. 6th Ave, Medford

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