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Peace Village Festival Aims to Transcend Time and Space

In a general sense, music festivals pretty much follow a script: book a lot of bands to fit a particular demographic, and throw in some amenities and voila, another festival.

Ashland’s Peace Village Festival, which will go down August 14-16 at Jackson Wellsprings, is slightly more ambitious. In its own words, the venue and festival “transcends time and space to become a Peace Village, going beyond ordinary realms to create a unique village setting of peace and community.”

Translated: “Our vision is to create a village at the Wellsprings,” says producer Larry Morningstar. “When you come in there, you’re entering a different time and space. A whole new experience. A whole separate experience.”

And that experience is one based on ideals of peace, community, sustainability, health and wellness.

“The staff and the volunteers are all passionate about these things,” says Morningstar. “So it’s more than just a party, it’s an incorporation of these tenets.”

But that said, it’s still quite the party. In addition to performances from Tina Malia, Random Rab, Phutureprimitive, SaraTone, Alcyon Massive and many more, Peace Village Festival will feature an artisan’s village, workshops and ceremonies for yoga and other movement arts in the new “Ohm Dome,” a pavilion packed with palm readers and intuitive readers, massage and healing arts offerings, and the full pool and spa services of the Wellsprings to boot.

They even added misters this year.

“It’s nice to be able to cool down,” says Morningstar.

This is the festival’s ninth year, and Morningstar says the thing that largely defines this year’s incarnation is one of musical family. Most of the bands are either local, or regularly come through the area, meaning there should be a lot of names that fans are familiar, even intimate, with.

“We as producers really love this particular group of family bands,” says Morningstar. “It makes for a very intertwined experience.”

Two performers that aren’t so local are Chad Wilkins and Murray Kyle, both touring out of Australia.

“They’re both kind of, sacred music, and a bit folky,” says Morningstar. “And it definitely brings an elements from a different part of the world.”

Another bands of newbs attendees can get stoked about is experimental hip hop group Liberation Movement, who are playing the festival for only the second time.

“They sample sounds from shamans from the Amazon, and build visuals into their music,” says Morningstar. “It’s quite a wonderful multimedia experience.”


Peace Village Festival
Friday, August 14-Sunday, August 16
Jackson Wellsprings, 2253 N. Hwy 99, Ashland
Full access pass $165 adv., $185 door
No camping festival pass $95 adv., $110 door
Day pass $30-$35 adv., $35-40 door
Late night pass $15 adv., $20 door


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