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Methy-huh? Methylation: A Tiny Bodily Process with Huge Impact

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Dr. Daniel Smith.WELLNESSMethylation is one of the hottest topics in alternative medicine circles. If you decide to delve into this topic, you’ll quickly find yourself in a sea of complexity. Despite the intricacies, it is worth knowing something about this process, as methylation influences countless metabolic pathways in the body.

Methylation occurs in the body approximately a billion times a second. Without methylation, life quite simply would not exist. Methylation occurs when once molecule (say, a particular form of B-12 or folate) passes its methyl group to another molecule in order to exert some sort of biochemical effect. These “effects” range from the production of molecules such as creatine for muscle function and phosphatidylcholine for cell membrane stability to regulation of cellular detoxification, metabolism of neurotransmitters, hormones and histamine and regulation of gene expression. In short, our vitality, susceptibility to allergies, cancer and inflammation, our thyroid function, our nervous and endocrine systems, our digestive function, our ability to concentrate and remember and our mood are only a few examples of factors controlled by methylation. Click here to continue reading…

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