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Metal Is Alive: The Anima Effect are Bringing New Blood

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The Anima Effect will play at The Bamboo Room on November 19. Courtesy of The Anima Effect

Starting a new band is like rolling a pair of dice. But like Sgt. Pepper, you get by with a little help from your friends. Guitarist Trevor Roberts, and drummer Trevor Gill, have been playing together in Redding, California’s metal-scene for years; writing songs and toying with various lineups. And after years of work and experimenting, they’ve founded The Anima Effect, which will attack The Bamboo Room in Medford on Sun., November 19.

“We did our first couple of shows in August and they went really well,” says Roberts. “Our first show was in Redding; we weren’t expecting a big turnout. All the people in the scene who have known us for years came out. It was pretty cool. We know everyone in the scene.”

Playing on the road is a different animal; music and the realities of life are not always mutually exclusive.

“We work full-time and all have our own places, so it’s hard to take time off work,” says Roberts. “It’s hard to get in more than three or four shows.”

Having a vibrant music scene in your hometown is always a blessing, but bursting out of that bubble and onto the road is always uncertain. Roberts is level headed and is wisely cautious about over extending the band’s commitments.

“We don’t know what the crowd is like,” says Roberts. “Our style is not for everyone; we’re not your typical metal band. We aren’t expecting much because people don’t know us. We are just trying to get the album out there.”

The Anima Effect’s debut album, Upheaval, embodies the overall virtuosity and viewpoint of the band. It features guitarist Trevor Roberts, drummer Trevor Hill, guitarist Brandan Hinkle, bassist John Burns, vocalist Chandler Tinder, and synth/sample/vocalist Brandon Hadix.

“I like to encourage people to be proactive in their lives,” says Roberts. “You are responsible for your own perspective so take action. Whether it’s play music or leave your shitty divorce.”

But The Anima Effect are primarily a live band. Trevor Roberts and company, have gotten their chops by playing in front of a crowd. The philosophy is there for those who want to listen. But the overall energy of the music is more important to the band, than making a statement.

“I don’t care; people can think what they want,” says Roberts. “We are entertainers; we want to put on a show. What the art is about, is anti-status quo. Not violence, but a spiritual revolution. Like I said, at the end of the day our music isn’t all about the message; it isn’t super important. I’m not trying to get some sixteen year old kid to care about politics.”

The Anima Effect with The Sole Pursuit

7 pm Sun., November 19

The Bamboo Room, 1182 Court St., Medford



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