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Melting in July: The Melt food truck

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When you say “melt” in July, the immediate connotation is high external temperature. “The Melt” I am talking about is a food truck located on Bartlett Street on one of the two pads in Medford referred to as, “Bartlett Bites.” There are several options for choosing what to munch at this location, but I was in the mood for comfort food.

What better choice than a Grilled Cheese sandwich which is all about the ooey and gooey stringy fromage experience reminding me of childhood. So, my budding food critic – Alex, my son, and I reviewed our options on the sandwich board menu. The July specials included two. Thinking he would choose the BBQ Melt, I ordered the Patty Melt. We ended up switching orders and I was glad we did. The BBQ Melt hit the spot for me.

The first necessity in a grilled cheese is to get the immediate crunch and then the flavorful melting goodness seconds later. This is what happened. I crunched and then the deliciously warm cheddar cheese came through along with the main ingredient – a sweet and salty barbecued pull pork that followed. The cole slaw inside the sandwich offered the right amount of tart and vinegar to offset the cheesy pork. Each bite was as tasty as the one before as the ingredients complimented each other so they were distinct and well-blended. Also, the portion was beyond adequate. I would have been content with half for lunch and the other half later, but of course I did not use this logic. Why wait? Life is short.

My meal also came with a side of tater tots instead of fries. You could choose either. They were nothing special, and I would have preferred a dill pickle, but I did like the ranch dill dressing that accompanied as a dipping sauce. My son’s fried potatoes were average and he called them “bowling alley fries.” When asked to elaborate, he said “I love fries, but they were not as expected from a food truck.” Strike out! Alas, we did not go to The Meltfor the side dishes. We wanted the main dish!

Alex’s Patty Melt came with Pepper jack cheese, pickles and a “White Castle” sized patty inside. He was a bit disappointed in the lack of the meat. Where the beef? But he said it had a “good mix of flavors” and he ate it quite quickly. The emphasis was on the melt more than the patty, and that would have received no complaints from me. The crunch and the cheese were spot on again, confirming that this establishment has their timing and flavor perfected. Their self-advertised mission is to, “bring Southern Oregon an ooey gooey grilled cheese experience that your taste-buds have never experienced before.”

It was not my first time at the ole’ grilled cheese rodeo, but I would agree that it was a more than average, and one that I will repeat. And why not since they have a punch card offering one free standard melt after ten purchases. We spent $23 and had a satisfying lunch and sitting outside on a beautiful day was a bonus.

The Melt

237 N. Bartlett St.

Medford, OR 97501

541-622-5333 To-go orders

541-778-3001 Catering Information

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