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Meat Matters: Noteworthy Butcher Shops in Southern Oregon

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To get our BBQ issue started right, we sent our reporter to find the freshest cuts and finest meat markets in the region. She brought back a salivating selection of shops.


Montgomery’s Meat & Jerry’s Custom Processing

A butcher shop that began in Weed, California expanded to Central Point two years ago, where it offers “the best Retail Meats, Deli, BBQ, Custom Processing, and In House Smoking in Northern California and Southern Oregon.” Shawna Montgomery says, “We make all of our own fresh sausages bulk and links.” Blending fresh spices, like basil, garlic, and even jalapeño with fresh varieties of meat creates a guaranteed authentic and natural sausage. Montgomery says that the company is the “only meat shop with a full service Deli, as well as a 700 square-feet processing facility.” Armed with four smokers, Montgomery’s Meat’s is able to sell freshly smoked meat daily, sometimes even lathering their homemade BBQ sauce into the meat.

Montgomery’s Meat & Jerry’s Custom Processing
175 N 1st St., Central Point
Mon. – Sat., 9 am – 6 pm


The Butcher Shop

The Butcher Shop in Eagle Point is one of the last full-service butcher shops in Southern Oregon, which means a butcher will drive to your house and slaughter your meat for you. What’s even more remarkable about this full-service shop are their exotic meats, like kangaroo, camel, ostrich, wild boar, and llama. “We make everything ourselves,” owner Cam Callahan says. While purchasing as much local meat as they can, the Butcher Shop also gets a large portion of their meat from Basin Beef in Klamath Falls, a company that processes only around 25 cattle a week. Callahan says he uses “old recipes from my mentor, [which are the] same seasonings they were doing 20-30 years ago.” Along with these recipes, Callahan and his workers ensure that everything they process meets USDA standards and ensures the greatest quality of meat to their customers.

The Butcher Shop
1532 S Shasta Ave., Eagle Point
Mon. – Fri., 9am – 5:30pm
Sat., 9am – 3pm


cartwrights1Cartwright’s Valley Meat Co.

Organic and all-natural meat is what Cartwright’s Valley Meat guarantees its customers. From the meat department at the Grants Pass location, Sherry Andrews says, “We can cut anything you like, any size.” Using meat from Southern California and Arizona, including Western Boxed Meat from Portland, Cartwright’s Valley Meat offers quality meat cut “by what we like to eat,” according to Andrews. “We always pick the [cuts] we would like to take home.” Cartwright’s also processes fresh seafood, like halibut, squid salad, and different types of salmon. From tri-tip to lunch meat to seaweed salad, this butcher shop processes it all, making it a premier location for good, organic meat.

Cartwright’s Valley Meat Co.
162 Beacon Dr. Suite 115, Grants Pass
Mon. – Sat., 9:30 am – 6 pm


Taylor’s Sausage

With 92 years of experience under its belt, family-owned Taylor’s Sausage in Cave Junction knows quite a bit about sausage. The shop achieves rich and different flavors by fermenting their sausage, similar to beer and wine. According to Plant Manager Terry Taylor, some of their other sausage “we dry only, like the traditional methods, some we stuff into sheep’s stomachs, some is coiled in a long piece that is then spun on the table until is it all wrapped around itself, some is smoked for long periods of time.” Clearly Taylor’s Sausage knows what it’s doing with their meat, which they get from various places across the U.S. Among their more exotic selections, the shop sells alligator meat from Louisiana and elk and dear from Texas. Taylor describes their sausage as “no fillers, no cheating, very lean, and low salt.” On Fridays the shop hosts live music performances during dinner, when customers can enjoy homemade sandwiches, soups, or their fresh meat. There’s a good reason Taylor’s Sausage has been around for so long, and it goes beyond their excellent sausage.

Taylor’s Sausage Country Store
202 S. Redwood Highway, Cave Junction
Mon. – Thurs., 6 am – 7 pm
Fri., 6 am – 8:30 pm
Sat., 7 am – 7 pm
Sun., 8 am – 7 pm


sofinemeatsSouthern Oregon Fine Meats

“We are small but have a lot to offer,” says co-owner Alisa Holland of Southern Oregon Fine Meats. The butcher shop runs with over three decades of experience in how to perfectly slaughter and prepare meat for its customers. Offering beef aged 21 days, the meat is not only more tender, but full of natural flavors. “We are also unique for our many flavored hand-crafted gourmet hot dogs,” says Holland. For example, they have “reuben, pizza supreme, pineapple bacon, Jambalaya, Bleu cheese bacon, buffalo hot wing, Philly cheese steak, chicken apple Gouda, [and] chicken cordon bleu” hot dog flavors. An extensive list of flavors in their meat, decades of experience, and secret marinating recipes have propelled this shop from a mobile to a full-retail store. Southern Oregon Fine Meats continues to prolong its experience as owners Alisa and Robert Holland continue to provide a myriad of flavors to its customers.

Southern Oregon Fine Meats
885 Shafer Ln., Medford
Tues. – Sat., 10am – 6pm

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