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Marty’s Bar-B-Que Sauce: Your Meat’s New BFF

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martys1Scanning the massive selection of barbeque sauces on the shelves of Cartwright’s Valley Meat Co. in Grants Pass, I centered on Marty’s, and knew at once that it was meant to be. From the shiny silver label featuring a charging bull to the deep red sauce speckled with seasoning visible through the glass bottle, Marty’s was in my basket in a flash. Made in nearby Klamath Falls, a quick look at Marty’s website (martysbbqsauce.com) reveals that their country-style, all-natural, minimal ingredient sauce has been made in Southern Oregon since 1979.

Once home, I popped the top and the first swirl and whiff released a tangy, smoky smell that begged to be paired with organic, pasture-raised short beef ribs. So I obliged. The first taste yielded a slight cough and a full smile. I expected to add more throughout the cooking time, but the desirable thickness of Marty’s stuck with the meat for the duration of the slow roast, which rivaled the smell of a bona-fide BBQ competition in my backyard.

Served on the patio with steamed artichokes, the young and the old around the table gobbled the ribs down, and licked any excess sauce up in short order, only interrupted by exclamations of “Sweet!” “Spicy!” “Smoky!” “It has got it all!”

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